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When Oklahoma native Bryan White moved to town in1997, Brentwood was a no-brainer. The bustling ’burb’s proximity to Music City made it a perfect fit for the 23-year-old singer-songwriter, whose fourth number one single “Sittin’ on Go” cruised for 16 weeks at the top of the hot country chart that same year.

A breeding ground for many dreams and demos, Brentwood seemed indeed to be “the right place” for White, circa the release of his third studio album by that name. “There’s so much respect for country music here,” White said. “I love everything about Brentwood.”

There have been a few bumps in the road since White’s wild ride through the pop-country hay day of the ’90s. “It’s a crazy industry, and it can really do a number on you,” he said. “I got overwhelmed with feeling like I always had to outdo my last project.” After his label Asylum Records folded in 1999, White took a much-needed break from the biz. “It wasn’t important enough that I needed to ruin my life trying to be great,” White said. “I needed to step away.”

Despite being so near to Nashville, which had accelerated his early career, White also found in his adopted hometown an oasis from the industry-a place to lay low and refresh. “I love how you can go just off the beaten path on Franklin Road, and you have all this amazing countryside,” he said. “Deer, fields, turkeys-all kinds of wildlife everywhere, and just five minutes ago you were on a main street.”

Bryan in the studio with drum legend Clinn Rippy.

Clinn Rippy 2 Clinn Rippy Clinn Rippy3

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