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Review: Bryan White "Dustbowl Dreams"

It has been ten years since the last album release by Bryan White. The new album, Dustbowl Dreams, shows no change in style and is the same caliber as the country music that has made the artist a success in the past. His pop/country style shines through on this album and is filled with soft grooves, gentle lyrics, and a relaxed fit feel.

Bryan White "Dustbowl Dreams"

1. Dustbowl Dreams (Bryan White & Allen Shamblin)
2. Say When (Bryan White, Derek George and Don Poythress)
3. The Little Things (Bryan White, Erik Bledsoe and James Dean Hicks)
4. Get It Together! (Derek George and Darryl Burgess)
5. When You Come Around (Bryan White, Derek George and James Dean Hicks)
6. Hands Of Time featuring Steve Wariner (Bob DiPiero and Steve Wariner)
7. Beautiful Place (Bryan White, Derek George and John Tirro)
8. Place To Come Home (Bryan White and Eric Silver)
9. Erika’s Song (Bryan White)
10. On My Own (Bryan White, John Tirro and Marcus Hummon)
11. Dustbowl Dreams (reprise)

The upbeat tempo numbers on the album are few and far between, but one that stands out is the outstanding duet titled “Hands Of Time”, which was recorded with his mentor Steve Wariner. It is a song referencing when time has not been an ally and more of a problem such as in traffic jams, people on cell phones or a woman who put make up on the car. Overall the song delivers a fun, tongue in cheek type of humor and it is an easy listen.

The ballads are gorgeous, sweet and well arranged and the single off the album “The Little Things” is one of those special tunes. It is a song dedicated to his wife thanking her for all of those “little things” she has did in his life that “mean the world” to him. It is one of those standard love songs, which show an honest and beautiful relationship unfolded. Along with “The Little Things” the other ballad that deserves attention is “Dustbowl Dreams”. The song is a story of his ten years away from music and is extremely truthful. He shows his perseverance and promise through all of the hard times that he faces through every word of the song. It also gets personal at the end of the song with a sound clip of his grandfathers auctioneer days auctioning farm life. Three minutes was all Bryan needed to tell a wonderful, personal story that took place over a ten-year period.

It’s an album that is worth a listen.

Review by Mark Roberts

Bryan and Erika White were dazzling as they walked the red carpet this past week at the 43rd annual CMA Awards show.   Look for a complete "diary" and photo gallery for Bryan and Erika coming next week!


BRYAN WHITE/The Little Things

Writer: Bryan White/Erik Bledsoe/James Dean Hicks; Producer: Bryan White & Derek George; Publisher: Dustbowl Dreamer Music/Pedal Down/Sally  Pretzel  Music/On the Mantel Music, ASCAP/BMI; Just a Pup (CDX) (

—Where has this guy been? His return to disc is a sweet, romantic outing with swirling breezes of steel, organ, fiddle, acoustic guitar and piano. His tenor vocal wafts right along.


-Music Row Disclaimer 10/28 2009

From The Boot

by Stephen L. Betts

Bryan White is giving away autographed copies of his new album, 'Dustbowl Dreams' as a way to say thank-you to people who share their personal stories about how breast cancer has affected their lives. The free album will be offered to those whose submitted stories are chosen at Stories will be selected until the end of Oct. 2009.

Because 'Dustbowl Dreams' was an album inspired by Bryan's ancestors, he says it was important for him to use this music for the greater good, and collaborating with Givmusic was the perfect fit.

"Creating awareness and inspiring fans with stories of hope through music is what it's all about to me," says the singer. "I'm proud to give back and share my music with those whom have braved breast cancer. It is an honor and I'm thankful to work with Givmusic to show my support."

To share your story of breast cancer, visit You will be entered to win a free copy of Bryan White's 'Dustbowl Dreams.' Stories will be posted on the site until the end of October.

GivMusic links music lovers, music makers and causes by first giving music lovers a gift and asking that they share it with friends. The organiztion encourages fans to be inspired by the stories and to support a cause and an artist of their choice. Artists and labels are asked to share free music and to pick a cause about which they are passionate, with their music being used to benefit the cause.


The Background:
Best known for a battery of soft country-pop and ballad hits in the late 1990’s, Bryan White’s brand new album, Dustbowl Dreams, comes exactly ten years after his previous solo release. White has charted seventeen singles on the Billboard country charts, of which four reached Number One: "Someone Else's Star" in 1995; "Rebecca Lynn" and "So Much for Pretending," both in 1996; and "Sittin' on Go" in 1997. He was also a duet partner on the album version of Shania Twain's 1998 single "From This Moment On", which peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. The new album is infused with stories about real life, coupled with pocket-grooves, rootsy acoustic parts and soaring pop-country melodies. But the underlying theme is never forgetting your roots; which, for White, is his Oklahoma pride. “The song 'Dustbowl Dreams' was inspired by my pride as an Oklahoman, my fascination with my lineage and history, and identifying with the grit, soul, and spirit of Oklahomans, especially during the Great American Dustbowl. I love to think of myself as a product of their perseverance. Dustbowl Dreams is, in essence, the American dream.”

The Review:
With ten years passing since a last album, you would wonder what might happen to an artist’s style and sound during that window of time. For Bryan White, he has stayed to his strengths on Dustbowl Dreams and not gone away from the country music that made him a success the first go-around. In a genre that is stereotyped by rough and tumble cowboys, White has been the poster boy for pretty pop-tinged ballads and tender lyrics. Even today, he’s as far from the Jamey Johnson outlaw movement as one could be. The album opens up on a very strong note. The title track, “Dustbowl Dreams” could be the most eloquent autobiographical song of 2009. As the “son of a son of an auctioneer,” White talks about things like pressing on and perseverance, losing his way, being bruised and cut and carrying on the dustbowl dreams of his family. In three minutes, White has beautifully told his ten year story. It’s truly a treasure of a song. The song even ends on a personal note- an old clip of his grandfather being introduced as an auctioneer and then auctioning off some piece of farm life. “The Little Things” is the first song being released to radio. It reminds of “Rebecca Lynn”- a beautiful ballad a dedication to his wife with thanks for all the blessings in his life from post-it notes left from his wife to little babies. “When You Come Around” is another piano/acoustic guitar ballad with beautiful instrumentalization, this one more melancholy song about a son’s plea for his father to leave the bottle behind in favor of his family. “Erika’s Song,” named for his actress wife, is an orchestrated song with lots of strings and has just the right amount of syrup and sappiness without gushing too sweetly. The result is a beautiful gift of love in a song. Where the album slips a bit is in the up-tempos like “Say When” and “Get It Together.” That is, all the up-tempos with one big outstanding exception- “Hands of Time.” It is a FANTASTIC duet with his mentor, Steve Wariner, about getting slapped around by the hands of time. With call-outs to car pool moms, traffic jam victims, cell phone talking drivers and girls putting on make-up in the car, it’s a fun raucous good time with outstanding guitar work by Wariner and White. Overall, it’s a terrific return to form by an artist we now know why we missed.

Sounds Like:

Steve Wariner & Chuck Wicks

Track Highlights (suggested iPod adds):
Dustbowl Dreams
The Little Things
When You Come Around
Hands Of Time
Erika’s Song

The Verdict:
Four Stars Out Of Five