This just review on "DustBowl Dreams"

Review: Bryan White’s “Dustbowl Dreams”

Bryan White is back! His first album in a few years, “Dustbowl Dreams” is a sure fire hit! With a matured voice and sound, Bryan stays true to his signature songs about life, love, and family. I was fortunate enough to interview him this past May and now finally got a chance to listen to this amazing album. (Click here for my interview)

In “Dustbowl Dreams” Bryan sings about leaving his hometown to pursue his dreams, but not forgetting his Oklahoma upbringing along the way, while “On My Own” is about the success/struggles Bryan encountered along the way, but still being able to go back home when needed to rejuvenate and then heading back out on his own and continue to make his dream come true.

“Say When” is about a boy hoping to make the girl he likes his girlfriend, where “Get It Together” is about a boy trying to convince his girlfriend to take the next step and take this journey we call life with him forever.

“The Little Things” is all about the everyday things Bryan and his wife do to remind each other that they love them…from a post-it note left on the steering wheel to a morning kiss hello to just lying in each other’s arms.

“When You Come Around” is a song about a son hoping to build a better relationship with his father and mend the broken pieces of their past.

On “Hands of Time,” Bryan gets to sing with his idol Steve Wariner, and they sing about how busy life gets and how we rush around trying to get a head, but instead we are just “Getting slapped by the hands of time.”

In “Beautiful Place” Bryan sings about a man who has so much love for his wife, that all he has to do is take a look at her face and he’s taken to a “Beautiful Place” away for the everyday stresses life can bring. “Place to Come Home” is about the strong love one man has for his wife and when the world gets to be too much for her and all she has to do is focus on their love and she’ll be able to find her way back home, while “Erika’s Song” is about a man whose love for his wife is so strong that he realizes just how lucky he is to have her in his life.

It may have been a few years between Bryan White albums, but the wait for “Dustbowl Dreams” was well worth it! Be sure to catch Bryan on tour so you can hear “Dustbowl Dreams” live with someone you love!